Uncertain Earth (Finishing Line Press)
66Reder Cov

Claudia M. Reder’s poem “Photograph” asks “how to translate these fragments into a whole story,” and in her chapbook Uncertain Earth proceeds to do just that, with warmth, humor and nostalgia. She brings her mother to America through their visit to Ellis Island. They take off like Chagall figures in “To the Poet on the Roof.” When she visits her mother in a nursing home, they age together. By turns rueful and compassionate, with a touch of magic realism, Reder gathers her mother’s life, and pours the prickly love that is the legacy she leaves her daughter, into a series of poems filled with the meaningful objects of their lives lived together and apart, vivid colors, umbrellas and uncles, sisters and jewels, and always, stories.
Florence Weinberger,
author of many poetry books, including
Carnal Fragrance, (Red Hen Press
and Sacred Graffiti (Tebot Bach)

“Reder takes us on a journey of memory that enchants and disenchants in equal measures as she reflects on the life of her Latvian mother, who is a Holocaust survivor. Reder’s grace of language moves and compels us, as the images of her mother waft in our memories like the soft scent of orange peels.”
Michal Mahgerefteh, Publisher
Poetica Magazine

My Father and Miro and Other Poems (Bright Hill Press)


Through art and myth, Reder shares poems about her father who had Parkinson’s. In the Baba Yaga Poems, Reder gives the Russian witch figure a daughter.  Imagine having a witch for a mother- the daughter gives voice to the rage and mystery of Baba Yaga.


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