Ask about Claudia Reder’s popular Workshops

Some titles of workshops for beginning to advanced writers include:

  • Images: the Key to unlock the Poem
  • Journaling through Illness
  • Forming a Storytelling/Poetry Circle

Some titles of workshops for Educators include:

  • Creative Writing for Educators
  • Expressive Writing in the Common Core
  • Poetry Basics
  • Generating Writing with Reluctant Readers/Writers
  • Storytelling: The Basics
  • Engaging Writers through Storytelling
  • What is Voice Anyway and Why Do I Want to Encourage it?
     This poem by a third grader is one reason we need to encourage poetry in our lives:
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“Poetry is the rhythm of our living, the connective tissue between our sensory experiences and the language we rely on to remember those experiences.”                                                                                                   Rebecca Luce-Kapler

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